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    “A one stop online shop for all of your inline skating needs.”

    Welcome to our maintenance department! This department of our store provides basic and advanced inline skate maintenance lessons to help recreational bladers keep their skates in prime, rolling condition, from week-to-week, and year-to-year.

    The first lesson in our two-part, inline skate maintenance series is designed to get you acquainted with the various parts of your rollerblades so you can inspect and clean your wheels and brake, as well as do your own wheel rotations. There is also a special procedure about what to do if your wheels get moist from skating in wet conditions.

    Inspect your Skates

    Welcome to the first lesson of our Inline Skate Maintenance series. The two-part series is geared to helping the inline skater maintain his or her skates on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

    In Lesson #1: Basic Maintenance, you learn what to inspect each time out, as well as what to check, clean, lubricate, and rotate each month.

    The maintenance procedures get you quickly up to speed with the various parts of an inline skate. You start from the shell, frame, and brake on top and work your way down to the wheels, axles, and bearings. The knowledge you gain from this lesson prepares you for the second lesson in the series, Lesson #2: Advanced Maintenance.

    The Benefits are Two-Fold

    After the second lesson, you’ll be able to maintain your own skates on a continuous basis. The benefits are two-fold as shown below:

    • You can skate and save since you get the maximum life from your investment for a minimum annual cost.
    • You can relax and roll knowing that your skates are always in top running condition for peak performance on the trails.

    Lesson #1: Basic Maintenance

    First, we look at inline skate wheel checks, brake tightening, and fastener inspection before you set out on the trail. Next, we deal with the special circumstance of what to do after a day of skating in wet conditions. Finally, we tackle the monthly tasks including skate cleaning, brake inspection, and wheel rotations.

    Ordering the Lesson

    To order Lesson #1, click below:

    Basic Maintenance

    Ordering the Module

    To order our complete set of inline skate maintenance lessons, click the Maintenance Module button below:

    Maintenance Modulel

    About our Maintenance Lessons

    Our inline skate maintenance lessons are unique for the following reasons:

    Step-wise Instructions and Ample Illustrations

    Both of our skate maintenance lessons are well illustrated. The photos and drawings serve to clarify the instructions. All procedures are written in clear and concise steps, with feedback where necessary, for ease of understanding and student retention.

    A Progressive Structure from Lesson to Lesson

    In addition, the inline skate maintenance lessons are designed to teach the skater how to maintain his or her skates from week-to-week and year-to year. To reach this goal, the lessons are set up as a progression. The beginner skater needs to get comfortable with the basics of inline skate maintenance in lesson #1 before moving on to the more advanced skate maintenance tasks in lesson #2.

    Solid Foundation in Lesson #1

    The student is free to advance at his or her own pace, but it’s recommended that he or she only moves on to the second lesson after understanding the concepts in the first lesson, which means the owner must become familiar with the parts of his or her skate. In this way, the student builds the correct foundation right from the start in Lesson #1, so he or she is well prepared to tackle the more advanced procedures in Lesson #2.

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