Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Sample of a Trail Guide

Extracted from the Niagara River Recreation Trail Guide

About the Trail

The Niagara River Recreation Trail is one of the most scenic trails in Ontario. The trail starts at the end of Byron Street in Niagara-on-the-Lake, skirts around historic Fort George, and meanders alongside the Niagara River to Queenston and beyond. There are many historical signs, which serve as guideposts if the trail skater needs to check his or her bearings along the way. The beauty of the river is constantly in your peripheral vision and vies for your attention as you skate along the trail. During your rest stops, you can soak in the vistas and watch the sailboats drifting in the waters.

Vista of the Niagara River from the trail

Directions to the Starting Point

To reach the start of the trail from the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW):

  1. Take Exit 55 from the QEW, which is Niagara Stone Road.
  2. Drive along Highway 55 for 11 km to the end.
  3. Turn right on Queen St., which is Niagara-on-the-Lake.
  4. After the Prince of Wales Hotel, Queen St. turns into Picton St.
  5. Stay on Picton St. until you reach Wellington St.
  6. Turn left at the intersection of Picton and Wellington Streets.
  7. Drive one block on Wellington St. until you reach Byron St.
  8. Turn right and park on Byron St.
  9. Skate to the end of Byron St., which is the start of the trail.
Starting point of the trail at the end of Byron Street
Directions on the Trail

To skate from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Queenston:

  1. Skate to the entrance of the trail, which is at the end of Byron St.
  2. Follow the trail southwest past Fort George for 1.5 km.
  1. Stop when you reach the point where the trail crosses Ricardo St., check for traffic, and cross the intersection.
  2. Skate along the river for 2 km until you come to a bridge on your left.

    If you need the use of a washroom or a water fountain, cross the bridge since the facilities are on the other side. Otherwise, continue on the trail for another 1.5 km until you reach the McFarland House, which is one of the guideposts. Here, you’ll also find washroom facilities and a water fountain. This is your last chance for water.

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