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    The Inline Skating Center

    “A one stop online shop for all of your inline skating needs.”

    Welcome to our rollerblading site! We provide lessons and modules to help recreational, inline skaters become advanced trail skaters. Our inline skating lessons are designed to take the novice skater from the schoolyard to the rollerblading trail in one season.

    In addition, we teach you the skills you need to keep your inline skates in top, rolling condition. Our series on inline skate maintenance shows you how to inspect and adjust your skates on a weekly and monthly basis, as well as how to do an annual tune-up of your wheels, bearings, and brake.

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    To become an advanced trail skater, follow these steps:

    Step #1 : Learn all about trail skating

    Consider the following situations and then click the link on your left under Navigate to find out why our inline skating lessons are uniquely suited to your rollerblading needs.

    Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d sure like to give rollerblading a try! I’ve heard it’s a great sport for getting in shape.” If so, click Start in the Yard on your left.

    Are you afraid to take your inline skating to the next level? You know you can roll the tougher stuff, but you just don’t seem to have the expertise. If you answered yes, click Roll on the Trails on your left.

    Are you having trouble on steeper hills? Maybe you’ve asked yourself on occasion, “Why do I have to bail out all the time when the slope gets steeper?” If this applies to you, click Skate Like a Pro on your left.

    Have you ever said to yourself, “I’ve been rollerblading for a couple of years know. Perhaps it’s time to do some skate maintenance! My bearings are starting to make strange noises.” If so, click Tune-up your Skates on your left.

    Step #2 : Subscribe to our newsletter

    On The Trail is our free online newsletter that’s published every two weeks from June to September. Each issue of the ezine is based on a different condition or hazard that inline skaters may encounter while out rollerblading.

    The newsletter is short, yet informative, and consists of an editor’s note, a tip based on the theme for that issue, as well as a tactic that inline skaters can use on the trails.

    Step #3 : Order a lesson, module, or guide

    The Inline Skating Center currently has three inline skating lessons and two rollerblade maintenance lessons ready for download. In addition, we have skating, maintenance, and trail modules, as well as four trail guides available for purchase. For further details about the above products and how to order a lesson, module, or guide, click the MORE button opposite the product that interests you on your left.

    Inline Skating Lessons

    Our rollerblading lessons include the following:

    Lesson #1: For Beginners Only

    Lesson #2: Intermediate Trail Skating

    Lesson #3: Advanced Trail Skating

    Trail Module

    The trail module is a complete set of guides and includes the four trail guides shown above. For additional information about this module, as well as how to order, click the MORE button opposite Module on your left.

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    Are you looking for a place to skate when you’re on vacation? The Inline Skating site at About.com has a category called the Best Places to Skate.

    Over the coming months they’re going to feature the best of the best in the US and Canada. You’ll want to bookmark the site and check in before you head out on vacation.

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